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What to see in Como and surroundings: places to visit

What to see in Como and surroundings? Here are all the places to visit according to Villa Clementina

The most beautiful places to visit in Como and surroundings

What are the most beautiful places on Lake Como? It is difficult to rank all the wonders related to the lake and its activities: every nook and every alley seems to hide something unique and wonderful.

The lake has enchanted and continues to enchant people from all over the world, from lovers of glamour to those of art and nature. Let’s try to suggest some of the must-see stops for any trip to the Como area.

The Duomo and the Voltian Temple

Let’s start by suggesting two of the most iconic places in the city. The Como Cathedral was built between 1396 and 1740: a period of more than 300 years reflected in the different styles of the church. With its Gothic façade and Renaissance portals, it represents one of the most beautiful religious buildings in Lombardy.

The Voltian Temple is much more recent. Built in 1927, it is a museum dedicated to the great Alessandro Volta and designed to house the inventor’s scientific instruments. Those who visit it, in Viale Marconi, can enjoy a peaceful walk along the Como lakeside – and perhaps later venture inside its walls.

The Comacina Island and its mysteries

An island completely uninhabited since the Middle Ages. A place where legends and mysteries intertwine. The Comacina Island, a picturesque island on Lake Como that can only be reached one way: by ferry from Ossuccio.

The village of Ossuccio itself is also worth a visit, especially for those who love discovering hidden treasures of historical and religious significance. A good starting point is the Sacred Mountain. It and the 14 Rosary chapels that dot the avenue leading to the Sanctuary have been UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 2003.

Lenno, between the Gulf of Venus and Villa del Balbianello

On Lake Como, there is a cove that has been nicknamed the Gulf of Venus for its particular beauty. To admire it, one must go to Lenno, where Villa del Balbianello is also located.

Owned by the FAI (Italian Environment Fund), the villa was built in 1787 by Cardinal Angelo Maria Durini, who converted the pre-existing Franciscan monastery into a splendid residence. Villa del Balbianello is famous for its magnificent gardens and unforgettable views and can only be visited inside through a guided tour that lasts about 45 minutes.

Bellagio, the Pearl of Lake Como

Bellagio is one of the jewels of Lake Como, situated on the tip of a peninsula that divides the lake into two branches. The beauty of the “pearl of the lake” is known worldwide for its breathtaking panorama, with its historic villas and botanical gardens.

Among the main attractions of Bellagio is the magnificent garden of Villa Melzi, owned by the FAI, which houses a vast collection of exotic and rare plants. Furthermore, Bellagio is a paradise for water sports and mountain enthusiasts, with the possibility of hiking, walking, and boat trips

Menaggio: Spectacular Views of the Lake

Located on the western shore of Lake Como, Menaggio is a picturesque town that offers spectacular views of the mountains and crystal-clear waters of the lake. The city is an excellent base for exploring the surrounding region and enjoying the breathtaking panorama, with hiking, cycling, or boating.

One of the most interesting places to visit in Menaggio is the Church of Santa Marta, built in the 14th century and enriched over the centuries with precious frescoes and decorations. Near the church is the Tower of Barbarossa, a medieval tower that offers a wide view of the city and the lake. Additionally, Menaggio is famous for its golf course, one of the most beautiful in Italy, which offers panoramic views of the lake and surrounding mountains.

Tours of VIP Houses

It’s known that Lake Como is loved by VIPs. From the Italian Ferragnez to the American George Clooney, many of them love to stay in this timeless place, sometimes even buying a house there.

So, fans of Hollywood actors stop by Laglio, where the beautiful Villa Oleandra is located, or Tramezzina, where some of the world’s most famous top models have walked the runway at Parco Olivelli.

Villa Clementina and Surroundings

Colonno is one of the villages crossed by the Greenway of Lake Como. A place of peace, “suspended in time” in the 1950s, and still retaining all its charm thanks to its delightful church and the views of the rooftops that can be enjoyed from the highest observation points. Also worth visiting are the beaches of the village, which give access to the wonderful waters of the lake and many activities related to it, such as the Fliteschool we talk about on the activities page.

To better plan a tour to discover the hidden gems of Lombardy, you can ask for help from our receptionists.