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What to do in Como and its surroundings: activities

Activities and experiences to do in Como and its surroundings: here are Villa Clementina's proposals.


The experiences not to be missed on Lake Como

Como is one of the most beloved destinations not only by Italian tourists but also by many foreigners who come from all over the world to visit the lake and appreciate the beauties of the Lombard territory.

But alongside the landscapes, historic buildings, and Italian artistic heritage, the city and its surrounding areas offer so much to those who are looking for sports, adventures, and entertainment activities of all kinds.

Lake activities

Lake Tour





Lake Tour: between fairy-tale villas and gardens

An overrated activity? Maybe, but not to be missed. For those who want to take a tour of Lake Como, the options are truly numerous, between guided boat tours, ferry rides, or the possibility of renting private boats and building their personalized itinerary. Among the must-see stops are Bellagio, Varenna, the gardens of Villa Melzi, and the Lavedo peninsula, where Villa del Balbianello is located.

For those who love cycling, it is also possible to take a complete tour of the lake: the kilometers to cover are about 140, with a maximum difference in altitude of 900 meters.

Villa Carlotta: museum and botanical garden

Villa Carlotta is one of the splendid villas that can be discovered along the Greenway of Lake Como, a route that offers the opportunity to admire enchanting landscapes and places of great historical and artistic value.

This magnificent residence, located on the western shore of the lake, is an unmissable stop for art and beauty lovers. Built in the 18th century, this neoclassical villa is famous for its wonderful Italian garden and for the numerous works of art that it houses inside, including frescoes, sculptures, and paintings by famous artists. Visitors can also admire the splendid view of Lake Como from Villa Carlotta, making the experience even more unforgettable.

Fliteschool: flying on the waters of the lake

For a truly unique experience on Lake Como, sports and adventure enthusiasts can turn to Fliteschool in Colonno, along the Via Statale where the covered parking of Villa Clementina is also located at coordinates 45.958457, 9.156683.

The Fliteboard EFOIL is a particular type of surfboard that “gives the feeling of flying on water”: it can be used even in the absence of wind or waves and is characterized by its incredible speed. For an adrenaline-fueled day, you can turn to Fliteschool in Colonno to learn how to use EFOIL with an instructor’s guidance to zoom on the waters of the lake.

The Argegno-Pigra Cable Car: the steepest in Italy

For those who want to enjoy breathtaking views of Lake Como and the surrounding mountains, the Argegno-Pigra Cable Car is an unmissable stop. Two cabins with 12 seats alternate on a path with remarkable slopes, offering a unique experience that attracts thousands of visitors every year. The journey is surprising and evocative and offers spectacular panoramic views that leave you speechless.

The village of Pigra, 881 meters above sea level, offers an exceptional panoramic view of the western shore of the lake and the surrounding mountains, while from the lakeshore it is easy to reach Como and Bellagio by boat. Tickets can be purchased online or on-site, to ensure an unforgettable experience on the Argegno-Pigra Cable Car..

The Como-Brunate Funicular: a breathtaking scenario

For those who want to observe timeless landscapes, where the blue of the sky merges with that of the lake, the funicular that connects Piazza De Gasperi in Como (near the central station) and Piazza Bonacossa in Brunate is a must-see.

Inaugurated in November 1894, it transports thousands of people every year along a path that now lasts only 7 minutes. The experience, however, is breathtaking, and once you arrive at your destination, the panorama will still have much to offer. Tickets can be purchased on-site or online, for example on Trenord.

The Greenway: discovering unexpected landscapes

Colonno, where Villa Clementina is located, is one of the starting points of the Greenway of Lake Como, a route that leads to the discovery of the most beautiful villages, villas, and gardens on the western shore of the lake.

Our guests can start their artistic-cultural journey from the parish church of S. Michele Arcangelo (built in the nineteenth century), from the Palazzo Pretura (dating back to the sixteenth century), or from the bridge house over the Passetta stream, which still shows signs of the overflow of 1905.

Planning an itinerary with
Villa Clementina

For other proposals on what to do in the Como area and in Lombardy, our receptionists can be contacted: they will be happy to help plan an itinerary suitable for each guest's tastes and time available.